Decision time

'It will get less busy after this deadline. I promise!'

I think I have been saying this sentence for almost a year now. When studying I knew my social life would be non existing while I assumed being a freelancer and having your own label would mean there was time for other things. I didn't expect to always have work. I didn't expect to always have more work than doable in the time that I have.

It might have something to do with the fact I can't say no to additional projects, to custom orders, or to freelance work, because I want to do it all. I want to learn more and grow my company bigger. I want to help with tailor problems and work on ideas for a more sustainable future. Because I care about the small problems and the bigger picture.

However, time has come to make decisions. Do I want to learn more and study again? Do I want to invest more in my own business? Do I want a (parttime) job within a company? How many and which additional projects do I want to do?

You never know how things will turn out, and I have been so gratefull for the work and feedback I have gotten since I have started on my own. I love my job, and it's amazing to share my passion through my collections & side projects. I hope I will be able to share it with more and more people every day, no matter what choice I make.


#slowfashion #sustainability

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