Happy New Year

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Christmas is over and a new year has started. While everyone was celebrating with family and friends I spend most of my time working upon a huge last-minute pile of work from Karl Lagerfeld. When my phone rang with an unknown Amsterdam based number I would have never guessed it was the KL office. They needed help asap with the ready-to-wear collection and I couldn't say no. Of course.

That is how I ended up with a massive amount of clothing in my small atelier. It got worse when the postman arrived with another big box filled with clothing, and the next day with another one. Somehow I managed to work my way through all the items, making sure they became the perfect pieces they were supposed to be. I put my own work on hold for a short period of time, I slept a little bit less than usual, and I skipped some of the holiday celebrations. Because that is what you do as a fashion designer, you put work before everything else. At least when you want to get somewhere.

And then, before you realize, a year has passed. An amazing year filled with excitement, hard work, fashion, love, family, and friends. A year with some tough choices, the kind that decide which direction you will go, and some great surprises.

This year has started and with the KL work done, I can focus upon my new lingerie collection again. Some amazing new laces came in and I can't wait to start with them!

And for those of you who are curious, I will be at the 'Local Goods Market: Fashion Special' the end of January!

#karllagerfeld #rtw #lingerie #slowfashiondesign #independentdesigner

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