Where to begin..

Once you are graduated you are supposed to be ready to find your way in the industry. But are you ever really ready? From the save enviroment of a school with rules and assignments you suddenly end up with nothing but a room filled with garments and left over fabric and yarns. What you decide to do from thereon is your own decision.

I decided to take a few weeks off, after 4 years dedicated to working and studying I assumed I should have a holiday and when I came back I declined a internship/job offer in Italy for several reasons. Mainly, my heart was not in it. It might sound stupid, and maybe many people think it is but I haven't had regret (yet).

So, here I am. A young fashion professional. As the head of the design department of AMFI would say. I decided to take a risk, and start on my own. I do not wish to become huge nor do I aim to make museumworthy artistic fashion. I have a love for the craftmanship in fashion design and all I hope to do from here on is to supply others with the thrill and happiness it can give one.

I design to order, cause I believe a custom made piece will be cherished a life time instead of a season. Whether it is a comfy sweater you will love to wear at home or a delicate set of lingerie which will make you feel gorgeous.

Furthermore, I am working on a small new collection where I combine my love for lingerie and knitwear. I promise, no knitted bra's this time. Just wait and see, it is going to be good.


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