Wherever she goes, people turn their heads, 

gazing just a little too long, intrigued by her 
appearance. With their lingering stares they 
don’t even try to hide their fascination. She 
feels the looks, hears the whispers. The good 
and the bad. However, it does not matter to 
her. She is who she wanted to be, proud of 
every decision she made. From the very first 
tattoo and the first piercing, to all the other 
alterations that followed. She adorned and 
adjusted her body to her own liking. 


She sculpted her silhouette, surreal and 
feminine at the same time. Powerful yet 
delicate by the embellishments of glistering 
piercings and ink. In an uncertain world where 
roots and religion are no longer essence to 
ones identity she searched for a clear way to 
communicate her personality and found her 
body, the sculpting and decorating of her 
flesh, to be the answer.

'Encode' is a collection based upon 
individuality expressed through skin 
rather than garments. Our own body 
as a couture garment, lasting a lifetime. 


Photography by Peter Stigter

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands | | © by Alina Doll.