The skin you're in


31 October 2014


Guises, cloaks, camouflages, veiling the skin you’re in and altering your personal story, drawing up new characters that are nothing other than the extensions of your own soul. Dressed in fluid fabrics, sculptural silhouettes or stiff frames, the porcelain skin adorned with a constellation of freckles remains one and the same, the only thing changing being the outline of the illusion, and with it the attitude and perhaps the intentions. 


Highlighting Alina Doll’s marvelous designs, and painted whole with beautiful makeup by Trudi Nieuwerf, the photographs gain a poetic quality.


Written by Nicoleta Parascan


Photography Sas Terpstra
Collection 'Encode' by Alina Doll

Hair & Make-up Trudi Nieuwerf

Model Eline van den Bergh